Civil litigation generally refers to the legal process for resolving disputes between individuals, companies, and governmental entities that do not include criminal charges.  It may include mediation, arbitration, trials and appeals.  Disputes that are litigated may involve very diverse types of claims, but they still have a common element in that they are subject to the same Rules of Civil Procedure and Rules of Evidence.  We have decades of experience in litigating many types of claims in state and federal trial and appellate courts.  We know the rules and procedures and can use that knowledge to assure that your legal rights are protected.

We have represented a diverse group of clients in Circuit and Superior Courts throughout Indiana and before the Indiana Court of Appeals and the Indiana Supreme Court.

We also have represented clients in federal District Courts, in the federal Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, and in the United States Supreme Court.

We know litigation can be unpleasant, wasteful and expensive and that it is not the ideal way to resolve disputes.  However, sometimes it is necessary or unavoidable.  It is always our objective to resolve our clients’ cases in a just manner, but also as quickly and as inexpensively as possible.

Some examples of the types of cases we litigate include:

  •  Personal Injury and Wrongful Death claims
  •  Construction disputes
  •  Real Estate claims
  •  Contract, Business and Commercial claims
  •  Domestic Relations
  •  Will Contests and Estate litigation
  •  Constitutional Law cases
  •  Insurance claims

Please call us to discuss how we can use our litigation skills to help you resolve your case.
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